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So many questions, Holy One.
I see people struggling, asking.
They’re waiting, wondering.
They’re thinking and praying.

I, too, have many questions.
I’m struggling, asking.
I’m waiting, wondering.
I’m thinking, praying.

So I, like Your son Jacob,
will wrestle with these questions.
I, like Jacob, will wrestle with You.
And I will not let go of You.

I will grapple with You,
Knowing deep within that You
Bring the incredible blessing
And peace of Your Holy Presence
Into the midst of the struggle.

Inspired by Genesis 32:22-31 and all who wrestle with God and the struggles of life.

© 2012. Annabelle Peake Markey. All rights reserved.

Jacob Wrestling With The Angel – Chagall

Seeking You

I wander, Lord, in a desert of questions,
Seeking Your will and thirsting for You.
I cannot draw near enough, O God,
Creator of all that is on this earth.

I wrestle and search high and low,
Desiring that which can only be
Revealed to me by Your loving grace.
And so I turn to You, O Lord, my God.

Draw near and give ear to me
As You have listened to the pleas
Of Your beloved children in ages past.
Do not let my cries fly unheard on the wind.

Sit with me a while that I might hear
The words You have to say.
And, once I have heard, grant me
The courage and wisdom to follow.

I do not know what lies ahead,
What adventures and perils await
Or the situations I may have to face –
The changes with which I may struggle.

So I ask, on bended knee,
Just walk with me, Lord, and
Let me hear Your steady voice,
Urging me to trust and move forward.

Let me feel Your presence,
When the way seems too difficult
For me to bear or to continue;
Give me the joy and peace of obedience.

© 2010. Annabelle Peake. All rights reserved.

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