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Transformative Moments

Into The Light

“Do you want to be transformed by me?”
You ask, already knowing the answer.
My heart leaps and shouts, “yes!,”
But, sadly, my reasonable mind begins to whirl.

“What would I have to change about myself?
Would I lose myself – my personality – completely –
Be someone I’m really not and regret it?
Would I have to stop having fun or being lighthearted?”

You smile. You knew this would happen.
“Do not be afraid,” you reassure me,
And I know in an instant I am a fool
For fearing that which I’ve been thirsting after.

“You will have to change for sure,
And it will be difficult and challenging,
But you will not be losing your personality,
Rather becoming closer to who you really are.

You were created to share love, joy and laughter,
To be with others in happiness and sorrow,
To give certain gifts to the world,
and to see the gifts others have been given.

And I am working in and through you,
In order to bless creation and work good in the world,
Though sometimes it may be hard for you to see,
Or nearly inconceivable for you to believe.

But do not be afraid, beloved child of mine,
Be gentle and see yourself as I see you.
I am here and if you want to be transformed,
Know that it will happen, but not overnight.

I will work through the simplest of things –
In silence, in the words and faces of others,
In music and art, in prayer and in nature,
In struggles and celebrations, sadness and hope.

To see what I am about, keep your heart open.
Listen to that still small voice that tugs,
Quietly and persistently at your innermost being,
Even though the world would try to drown it out.

Revel in the ways in which I will surprise you,
And share with others what you have experienced
So that you might hear what I’m doing in them.
Trust one another and trust me.”

You smile and stand there patiently,
Not rushing or hurrying me to an answer.
My heart aches and I know that all you say is true.
I open my mouth to speak, slowly uttering:

“I just don’t know how to let go.
All I can do right now is sit with you.”
Your smile broadens – I almost cannot believe it.
“Yes, dear one, that is more than enough.”

© 2011. Annabelle Peake. All rights reserved.

Snowpocalypse 2010!

Yesterday (Friday), the snow began to fall at about 10:30 am in my hometown of Frederick, Maryland. When I got home from Gettysburg at around 12:45, the snow hadn’t quite begun to stick, but it was coming down pretty good. So I spent a wonderful afternoon relaxing and being extremely nerdy! First, I “aged” a piece of paper with a tea bag to make it look like an old manuscript page and then, I researched the paleography (study of handwriting) of the Middle Ages online. Once I had found a script that I thought I could emulate, I practiced copying down a Middle English poem/lyric.

The snow continued to fall and it wasn’t until this afternoon (Saturday) around 3:30 pm or so that the snow finally stopped – ending at over two feet! At that point, I was copying the poem onto the aged paper in black ink to make it look like it had been written by a scribe. Like I said, I’m a big nerd and I needed something fun and creative to do 😉 Meanwhile, the sun had come out a bit and I decided to head outside to dig out my car. It was beautiful outside!

While liberating my car, I flopped into the snow and made a snow angel, completely embracing how silly I must have looked. Laying in the snow, I found myself staring heavenward and whispering a prayer of thanks to God for that moment. Later, after more shoveling and talking to the neighbors a bit, I stopped and listened – there was the peaceful silence and stillness that I love about snow. If you go outside after a snowfall and just listen, you’ll notice that it seems the snow have made a blanket that dampens the sound so that it doesn’t carry as far. It’s so still and peaceful – just the sound of your own breathing, the sight of the snow sparkling and the sight of your breath meeting the cold air.

It’s in those moments that I find myself overwhelmed with joy and gratitude thinking, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you for this day and this restful weekend. Thank you for kind and generous neighbors. Thank you for this beautiful picture of nature and the wonder of the works your hands have made. Thank you for the simple joys of acting like a kid again. Thank you that I’m able to experience this. Just…thank you.”

As I sit inside, reflecting on the past two days and thinking about the snow, I find that I’ve been refreshed by it. I’m thankful for the time it’s given me to rest and to catch up on things around the house, but I’m even more thankful that it’s once again reminded me to take joy in the simple pleasures of life.

© 2010. Annabelle Peake. All rights reserved.

Making A Snow Angel...

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