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Two weekends ago, I saw Toy Story 3 with my fiancé and my youngest brother. This was after a wonderful day spent playing soccer (football to the rest of the world!) and hanging out. When I paused to think, I found myself feeling like I was re-living my middle and high school days. You see, most of that time in my life was spent playing soccer and helping to coach my brothers’ soccer teams. In addition, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were movies we all watched a lot. I think we may have even had most of them memorized! 😉

In any case, I started to reflect on how busy life has become now that I’ve “grown up” and how marvelous it was to let loose and play. Life is full of to-do lists and responsibilities, and can feel quite overwhelming and hectic, but what if we made time for having fun like we made time for responsibilities? What if our to-do lists included built-in relaxation and play time?

I wish my to-do list looked like this!

And what if we totally let go and just enjoyed ourselves, forgetting other people were watching?:

Stress is known to cause physical ailments and even to shorten lifespans, but play, relaxation and laughter reduce stress. In seminary and CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), we talk about self-care frequently – how to keep the various aspects of our lives (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, relational, etc.) in balance so that we do not burn out. In the ELCA, we have the “Wholeness Wheel” to keep us on track. While juggling these components may seem intimidating, being mindful of each of them and trying to be attentive to each area even if only for 10-15 minutes a day can help us pay attention to the whole picture.

I love to keep busy and be productive, but as I go through life, I’m realizing how important it is to play and to carve out time to have fun. It refreshes the soul and renews the spirit. It re-energizes us and fills us with joy so we can go out and do our work to the best of our ability. If we don’t take time to enjoy life, we become run down and are ultimately less effective. Having fun plans also gives us something to look forward to when we feel trapped in the mundane routines of life.

In short, it’s beneficial to spend time as we did when we were children: playing 🙂 So in the words of Woody from Toy Story, “So play nice!” Oh, and go see Toy Story 3 – it’s awesome!

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As my fiancé and I began watching the Closing Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I noted that the torch only had three arms up. Apparently they hadn’t fixed it since it malfunctioned in the Opening Ceremony, which left me feeling incredibly bummed for our Canadian brothers and sisters. I joked and said, “what if they brought it up anyway?” My fiancé said he thought it’d be very awkward if they did that, but as we watched, the announcers also noted that there were only three arms.

Then, low and behold, the trap door opened and the fourth arm began to rise, along with, of all people, a mime. Yes, a mime. I would dare to say that mime jokes abound and so the conscious choice of using a mime to bring up the arm was brilliant in my opinion. The Canadians were able to laugh at themselves and, as my fiancé chuckled and put it, it was “a display of humility and awesomeness.” I completely and wholeheartedly agree.

Then, to top it all off, the fourth torchbearer, Canadian speedskater Catriona Le May Doan, who was left standing unceremoniously at the torch-lighting, was brought up through the trap door to participate in lighting the flame.

Hats off to Canada for using humor, being incredibly humble and extremely entertaining in fixing a problem. If only we all were able to humbly and humorously correct our problems and malfunctions!

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What Did Jesus Look Like?

While reading my Systematic Theology book, Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God by Elizabeth A. Johnson, my fiancé Jeff and I started talking about what Jesus looked like. We agreed that he wasn’t the long-haired, blue-eyed man that so many western artists have depicted him as. In fact, scholars have recently put together the following image using the remains of a Jewish man from the same timeframe in which Jesus lived:

Modern Reconstruction of Jesus

With all of this in mind, we set out on a Google Image quest to find different depictions of Jesus in art. We found some wonderful artwork I’d like to share with you here. Please note that I’ve tried to keep the titles true to what the images were labeled as online (all of these found through the Google Image search!). Enjoy!:

Aboriginal Easter Art from Australia

African Jesus

Arabic Madonna and Child

Depiction of Jesus from Asia

Black Jesus

Coptic Jesus

Ethiopian Jesus

Indian Madonna with Child

Traditional Western Depiction of Jesus

Jesus with Children

Madonna & Child - Apache Depiction

Native American Jesus with Children

Our Lady of China with Child Jesus

The Temptation of Jesus

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