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Thank You

Where suffering, wounded and broken hearts abide,
There within them you humbly reside.

Where pains and hurts are too great to tell,
There among them you have chosen to dwell.

Where confounded by worry, fear, and sin’s snare,
There with tenderness, love and mercy you patiently care.

Thank you.

© 2013. Annabelle Peake Markey. All rights reserved.

Stained Glass

Shards of colored and painted glass
fused together in patterns to craft
a vibrant, reflective mosaic
that tells the marvelous story
found in your Word.

Broken and sinful people
bound together by the rushing
breath of Your Holy Spirit
creating a vivid, living tapestry
that speaks and shares the Gospel.

© 2012. Annabelle Peake Markey. All rights reserved.

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