Wildflower Seed Bombs

My husband and I recently went shopping and found these little things called “seed bombs.”  They were new to us, but apparently we’re just out of the loop.  If you Google them, you’ll find that these “bombs” are little balls made of clay, compost, and, of course, seeds.  The great thing is that they don’t need to be planted outside – they can be planted on top of some potting soil in a pot.  So after seeing them on display and hearing how they worked, we bought some basil bombs and some with a wildflower mix in them.

I’ve been patiently watering these seed bombs and watching them for a week and over the past few days, they’ve begun to spring up.  They’ve been growing so fast that on Saturday, I swear that new sprouts were popping up ever few hours or so!

In any case, I haven’t been so excited about gardening in a long time.  I’ve been like a small child, waiting and checking in on the little plants, hoping each day that when I show up there will be more little sprouts to greet me.  Now if you look at my plant record, you’ll know I’m no gardener, but I think maybe that’s exactly why I’m so excited about these little plants.

With each sprout, I see life bursting forth from clay and soil one tiny green stem at a time.  With each sprout, I feel hopeful that maybe I can be a gardener.  Maybe I can grow some of my own food.  Maybe I can eat healthier.  Maybe I will start exercising.  With each little spout struggling for life and reaching up to the sun, I’m reminded that life’s possibilities are endless.

No wonder I’m giddy watching those little seed bombs sprout!  Go seeds go!

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Basil Seed Bombs