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Flaws and…Floss?!

A brief warning before you continue. This is an odd posting!

Today, as I was driving home from school, I began thinking about mirrors and how they provide a reflection of us. But what if the mirror reflected our innermost character? What would we find? I have the feeling that we’d probably get glimpses of ourselves that were less than favorable. I think we’d see our flaws or our sins more clearly, especially if we were using one of those mirrors that magnifies – then it’d read “objects in mirror actually as bad as they appear!”

In thinking about this, I wondered what analogy I could use to describe this further. Here’s where the post gets odd. The analogy I came up with is this: Imagine you’re all dressed up for a ball or some other fancy event. You’ve gone all out picking out a beautiful outfit and primping until you’re perfectly put together. You have a wonderful time and you talk with everyone under the sun, including that special someone you’ve had your eye on. When you get home, dizzy with excitement from a wonderful evening, you stop by the mirror before heading to bed and there it is…a huge piece of food stuck in your teeth.

AHHHHHH! How long has that been there!?! It’s hideous…horrendous…horrible… The evening flickers before your eyes – oh my gosh, who saw you like that? Your heart sinks as you realize it was probably there most of the evening, including when you talked to that perfect person.

Sadly, I think we’ve all lived through this terrible and socially awkward situation, albeit maybe not quite as bad as described above. Sometimes, you have a friend with you who is close enough to you to point out the situation to you. It’s always awkward receiving this news, but it can save a great deal of awkwardness and embarrassment in the long run! After all, the only thing worse that having your friend tell you about the food in your teeth is getting home and finding out that its been there and you had no idea.

Maybe its like this with our flaws, too. We wish we didn’t have them and that they never came up, like a piece of spinach in a perfect smile, but they happen and sometimes, probably more often than not, we can’t see them. So what do we do? Well, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Matthew 18:15 states, “If another member of the church sins (against you), go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone. If the member listens to you, you have regained that one.” Much like the coveted friend pointing out a food faux pas, a friend can also gently point out when we go astray or err and when we are…well, not living up to our full potential. As with the food, isn’t it much worse to find out way down the line that you’ve been doing something wrong or harmful than the temporary awkwardness of having a friend point it out early on so you can work on the problem? I think so.

Trusted friends and mentors act as our mirrors – our sounding-boards for viewing and reflecting on things that we’ve done or are thinking about doing. It takes relationships grounded in trust, respect and love in order for this to work. It also takes practice to confront people with care and grace – to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:25).

So rather than be afraid of confronting our flaws or sins, let us turn the mirror on them so that we can see clearly to work on addressing the problem with the support of our friends. Let’s not go through the party of life ignoring the problems people may try to gently make us aware of. Rather, let’s listen and work on the problems, seeking to follow God anew each day.

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Why Don’t We Just Dance?!

I just saw the video below and besides being cute and entertaining, it made me think, “why don’t we just dance?”

I love Josh Turner for many reasons (his brilliant baritone and handsome features to name a couple!), but I think when I listened to this song this evening, I heard it with new ears. As I watched the peoples’ expressions as they saw dancers (in a so-called flash mob) break into fun moves into the middle of the mall, I realized that they were all in shock. They looked baffled and puzzled, and some of them even seemed concerned about the sanity of the dancers!

Although the onlookers seemed to enjoy it at the end, they were confronted with something out of the ordinary. Here were people who were not conforming to society’s norms – it is not normal to bust a move in the middle of a crowded mall and it is even more unusual for a group of people to do so! But Turner’s refrain poses a great question: “why don’t we just dance?” Why can’t we seem to cut loose? Why don’t we just give it a try?

When you’re dancing, your whole self is involved – your body, your mind, your spirit and emotions are all together. Even if you’re a terrible dancer, you can’t argue that this isn’t the case! The physical activity boosts endorphins and naturally makes you a little bit happier. More than that, I find that when I’m dancing, it’s easy to be in my own little world and if I’m having a good time (which I usually am), I’m not thinking about others’ impressions of my hideous dancing or awkwardness. I’m not trapped by my own self-consciousness.

I will be the first to admit that I have no shame. By that I mean I’m willing to make a fool of myself. Whether its acting on a stage, or playing a goofball to illustrate a point, or even dancing alone before the crowd in the bar has started to just to make sure I’m having fun, I have done some bold things! I’ve even been known to burst into song and dance in public and while that’s certainly not appropriate everywhere, I think sometimes we just need to loosen up a bit – to shake up the world and keep it on its toes.

Sometimes it seems we’re so worried about being socially acceptable or popular or about fitting in (thanks, peer pressure!) that we forget how much fun it is to just let go; we forget how freeing it is to truly be ourselves in the midst of the world. Maybe if we did let go, we’d encourage others to have a bit more fun and not to take things so seriously all the time. There are horrible troubles in this world and I’m not saying we should ignore them by living our lives in a Pollyanna-type state, but why can’t we bring a little joy and light to the world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is “why don’t we all just dance?!”

© 2010. Annabelle Peake. All rights reserved.