As my fiancé and I began watching the Closing Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I noted that the torch only had three arms up. Apparently they hadn’t fixed it since it malfunctioned in the Opening Ceremony, which left me feeling incredibly bummed for our Canadian brothers and sisters. I joked and said, “what if they brought it up anyway?” My fiancé said he thought it’d be very awkward if they did that, but as we watched, the announcers also noted that there were only three arms.

Then, low and behold, the trap door opened and the fourth arm began to rise, along with, of all people, a mime. Yes, a mime. I would dare to say that mime jokes abound and so the conscious choice of using a mime to bring up the arm was brilliant in my opinion. The Canadians were able to laugh at themselves and, as my fiancé chuckled and put it, it was “a display of humility and awesomeness.” I completely and wholeheartedly agree.

Then, to top it all off, the fourth torchbearer, Canadian speedskater Catriona Le May Doan, who was left standing unceremoniously at the torch-lighting, was brought up through the trap door to participate in lighting the flame.

Hats off to Canada for using humor, being incredibly humble and extremely entertaining in fixing a problem. If only we all were able to humbly and humorously correct our problems and malfunctions!

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