Well, now it does 🙂 A few short hours ago, I was not singing that tune (like “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…”)! Although Greek was intense (half of a textbook in 11 days!), I really enjoyed it, and I think I may have even managed to learn something besides Greek in the past two weeks.

What else have learned besides declensions, conjugations, tenses and Greek vocabulary? I believe I’ve learned more about the importance and value of community and fellowship. This may sound like a given, but I don’t know if I really realized how important it is to struggle and rejoice side by side with others until Summer Greek.

Each day we’ve had a quiz or a test (or multiple quizzes), a few hours of class, homework, chapel and lunch together. We’ve been helping each other not only by working in class together, but also by supporting, encouraging and listening to one another.

When quizzes went poorly, or stress and sleep deprivation became too much for someone, the community has been there to pray with and for the person. When loved ones and friends were on our minds and in our hearts, the community has lifted up their names and concerns together in prayer.

I feel great comfort knowing that others are feeling the same things and struggling with the same doubts and fears that I have. At the same time, spending so much time together, I’ve rejoiced hearing others’ victories and joys, feeling like they are victories and joys in my own life.

I feel this summer session has been a sort of snapshot of 1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

I’ve really enjoyed learning about and living in this sense of community and I look forward to strengthening these bonds throughout my four years of seminary. In fact, I may just be starting to think that the Summer Greek experience is more of an exercise in teaching us to work and live together in community rather than a class solely about Koine Greek… It’s at least interesting to ponder! In any case, congratulations to all my fellow classmates!

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LTSG Summer Greek 2009

LTSG Summer Greek 2009