A ceramic cup falls to the floor,
shattering into dangerously sharp shards upon impact.
Each piece is jagged and rough around the edges.
Pieces which look like they should fit,
but they’re just broken enough
that the edges don’t quite line up anymore.

Who can put the cup together again,
restoring it to its colorful, inspired
and splendidly hand-crafted beauty?
Who can fit the pieces together,
leaving no gaps and making the surface smooth
and once again safe to the touch?

Who can mend the fractured ceramic
so that the cup can perform its purpose again?
How can such a splintered cup ever hold
water like it was meant to?
Surely it cannot repair or make itself
whole and beautiful again.

The only one who can mend the cup
is the potter who created it.
The one who envisioned it and turned it carefully,
hunched over his potter’s wheel.
The one who shaped it and lovingly added the details,
pouring his heart and soul into his work.

Once it has been restored by this gentle
artist’s hands, the cup can function again –
can stand side by side with the rest of the
potter’s creations, each unique and formed for a different task.
The jagged lines, the scars, may still be seen,
but they only indicate that the cup has a love story to tell.

Inspired by Isaiah 64:8:
Yet, O LORD, you are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.

© 2009. Annabelle Peake. All rights reserved.