Below are some of my favorite writings from the Commonplace Book of John Grimstone. These poems (lyric) were written in 1372 and are in Middle English. I’ve defined some of the more difficult words in parentheses, but I highly recommend reading the poems out loud as they’re much easier to understand that way!

“Love me broughte
And love me wroughte,
Man, to be thy fere (companion).
Love me fedde
And love me ledde
And love me lettet (abandoned) here.

Love me slou
And love me drou
And love me leyde on bere.
Love is my pes,
For love I ches,
Man to buyen dere.

Ne dred thee nought,
I have thee sought
Bothen day and night,
To haven thee;
Well is me,
I have thee wonnen in fight.”

“I am Jesu, that cum to fight
Withouten sheld and spere;
Elles were thy deth idight (appointed),
If my fighting ne were.

Sithen I am comen and have thee brought
A blissful bote (remedy) of bale (pain),
Undo thin herte, tell me thy thought,
Thy sennes grete and smale.”